Sincere and professional service to the world

CLEC is committed to electronic components industry over 50 years, with diversified professional products and superior services that attract many customers involved in different industries and fields worldwide. Over the years, it has enjoyed a reputation for quality and innovation with setting industry standards and providing advanced products for Chinese electronic components industry.

As a long-term supporter of the aerospace industry and its equipment manufacturers, CLEC can offer high precision, high level and customized components used in Radar, Satellite, Rocket, Missile and Navigation system, Aircraft manufacturing, etc, which are in confined space, high pressure or harsh environments.

With success R&D in subminiature products, CLEC brings various advanced technologies and innovative components in the fields of Telecommunication, Optical fiber communication, GSM, UHF communication systems, Radio communication systems, Radio applications, and Shortwave radio applications, etc. In recent years, CLEC products are also used in some other fields such as New Energy, Engineering manufacturing, Oil Industry and AI Manufacturing.

CLEC is now unremittingly developing new products, constantly upgrading service solution, and sincerely looking forward to serving more customers all over the world.