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ChuangLian Electronic Component (Group) Co. Ltd.




Electronic Industrial Park, Xi'an, China


Electronic components & materials

Registered capital

RMB 200 Million

Number of employee


Production area

150,000 square meters

ChuangLian Electronic Component (Group) Co., Ltd. (CLEC) is a leading manufacturer with fifty years of research, development and manufacturing experience. Today we are one of the top 100 electronic component manufacturers in Mainland China. CLEC manufacture a range of specialty components and materials including cermet trimmer potentiometers, RF connectors & cable assembly, microwave component, thick film hybrid circuit, thick film electronic paste, mica capacitor, wirewound potentiometer, PCB, advanced ceramic material, and others. CLEC is a large conglomerate company with 14 branchs. The strict quality control, superior technology and advanced equipments ensure that its products are popularly applied to the area of aerospace, communication, computer, instrument, household electric appliances and automobiles, etc. CLEC certification achievement include ISO9001 and ISO14000. Many of the products have met MIL, UL, IEC, or GJB standard.

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